Eureka release 28mm Austrian Revolutionary War artillery

Eureka Miniatures have released several packs of 28mm Austrian Revolutionary War artillery.

Austrian Revolutionary War artillery

From their website:

Our first release for the Austrian artillery includes a 3-pdr and 6-pdr piece, each with equipment and accessories (rammers, spikes, ammunition boxes, bucket etc), and a choice of gunners in either firing or loading poses. There is also an officer, and for this release we have rushed out the first of the Handlangers, or infantry helpers, that were drawn from the ranks to help manhandle the battalion guns around and provide some general ‘muscle’. These first Handlangers are wearing Hungarian infantry uniform and collectors should supplement the artillery crews for their Hungarian battalion guns with a few of them. Handlangers in ‘German’ infantry uniform will soon be available for your Austrian regiment’s battalion guns.

And, for those of you who like to dress up your battlefields with the occasional diorama piece, we have made a one-off “Realigning the gun” vignette set of seven Hungarian Handlangers in the act of aiming a gun with ropes and tail spike. This was inspired by an illustration in Terence Wise’s old Osprey Volume “Artillery Equipment of the Napoleonic Wars” (Men-at-Arms Series, No. 96).