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Eureka release 28mm Austrian Chevauxleger

Eureka Miniatures have released several packs of 28mm Austrian Chevauxleger figures. Austrian Chevauxleger From their website:
Our new figures represent the Chevauxleger in the uniform worn at the start of the wars (when they were still a potent force much feared by the French), until the ‘Light Dragoon’ reorganisation of 1798. The figures are available in a choice of ‘at rest’ or charging poses – and for a bit of fun Alan Marsh has added some very relaxed (perhaps bored?) Chevauxlegers, scratching their heads and filling pipes while they wait for their lacklustre commanders to give them something to attack! Chevauxleger officers wore flat front tricorne hats, and it seems Austrian light cavalry did not usually carry standards in action, (although if we get lots of requests for a Chevauxleger standard bearer we will consider making one). Check out our discounted unit deals (see below) to get you started. Most aspiring Austrian tabletop generals will probably want at least two regiments of Chevauxleger in their armies – one wearing the green coat worn by three of the regiments, and another in the white coat of the other four units. People might like to know we are currently working on Austrian Dragoons to accompany our Chevauxleger figures.