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Eureka release 28mm 18th century Russian Infantry

Eureka Miniatures have released a new range of 28mm 18th century Russian Infantry. 18th century Russian Infantry From their website:
Our new range provides collectors with the three principal types of Russian infantry – Musketeers, Fusiliers and Grenadiers – together with command and musician figures for each of them. (We hope to release Jägers in the not too distant future). We can also offer all the figures in a choice of two of the four different versions of the soldier’s coat worn by the Russians – either with collar and lapels, or with collar but no lapels. These two versions of the coat were worn by the great majority of all Russian Line Infantry regiments (68 of the 81 regiments in the Russian army at this time), and those collectors who wish to accurately represent regiments who wore coats without any collars should still be able to do so using these figures with a little creative work with a file and paint brush. If that sounds a little confusing (and the Russian army of 1799 is a tricky thing to get your head around) we would like to suggest you take a look at our second Eureka ‘Quick Guide to the Armies of the French Revolution’ which explains just about everything you will need to know about Russian infantry for this period – including organisation and complete painting details for the regiments that served under Suvarov. You can download this for free from the ‘Ideas’ section of our website (along with the first ‘Quick Guide’ for the Cossacks).