Eureka release 1980’s Soviet and Afghan Heavy Weapons

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Jun 19th, 2011
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Eureka Miniatures have released two 28mm 1980’s Soviet and Afghan Heavy Weapons – a 12.7mm Dshk MG and an 82mm mortar.

28mm Afghan Dshk

From their website:

Both weapons come supplied with a two person 28mm crew, or can be ordered separately to supplement your existing collections. (They are fully compatible with any other make of modern 28mm miniatures). The Dushka looks especially fine mounted in the back of a 4×4 truck! Customers might also wish to consider our New Release Special Offers which allow you to buy both weapons with either Soviet NBC suited crew and Afghan crew at a discounted price. As an added bonus we could not resist including in the Afghan deal the previously released Type 63 rocket launcher, with its accessories and crew figures.

  • These are fantastic figures and will add some much-needed firepower to my Mujahideen units for Force on Force. The stuff coming out of Eureka Miniatures these past few years has been exceptional – looking forward to their SEAL Team 6 minis next month too.