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Eureka release 16th Century Colonial Portuguese

Eureka Miniatures have released several packs of 28mm 16th Century Colonial Portuguese figures. Colonial Portuguese From their website:
Eureka Miniatures can get you started straight away with a South American campaign featuring our 28mm Portuguese and Tupi Indians (released a few weeks ago – find out more about the Tupi here). Relations between the Portuguese and Tupi were at first respectful, but gradually tensions mounted and violent clashes ensued. The principal catalyst for conflict proved to be the arrival of French traders, openly challenging the weak Portuguese presence along Brazil’s long coast. By 1516 the two sides were fighting each other, and both employing Tupi allies to attack European enemies and rival Tupi clans alike, in a war of battles, sieges, raids, guerrilla ambushes and native revolts that was to last the rest of the century. If the possibilities intrigue you, check out our “Portuguese versus Tupi” special offer below. The new Portuguese range contains everything an aspiring Captain might need. Most men carried an arquebus or crossbow, supplemented with a sword, but polearms are also in evidence. Sailors, armed slaves, and mameluco (mixed parentage Portuguese Indians) are included, as well as an artillery piece and a couple of mounted arquebusier variants to represent the very limited numbers of cavalry deployed in colonial Portuguese forces.