Eureka release 15mm science-fiction German infantry

Eureka Miniatures have released several packs of 15mm sci-fi German infantry figures.

15mm Sci-Fi German Stormtroopers

From their website:

15mm has become a popular miniatures size amongst Sci-Fi gamers and although the original Eureka Sci-Fi German Stormtrooper ‘range’ consisted of just the one (four variant) figure, we recently noticed a mini-surge in orders for them. This quickly got us thinking we could offer our customers a whole lot more – so sculptor Mike Broadbent was duly commissioned to give our Sci-Fi Germans a bit of an upgrade.

The basic Stormtroopers have therefore been expanded from four to seven different variants, so that – when further augmented with command and support weapons – you can now build squads where no two figures need be the same. The new command figures include an officer and communications specialist, and the support weapons offer plenty of tasty options. There is of course the essential Section/Squad Automatic Weapon, but there is also a ‘flamer’, a Light Anti-armour Weapon (shoulder launched), and a formidable looking Auto Cannon to choose from. We now think our Sci-Fi German Stormtroopers are ready for anything.