Eureka release 15 and 40mm AB Figures Roman miniatures

Eureka Miniatures have added new 15mm and 40mm Roman figures sculpted by AB Figures.


From their website:

The AB Figures range of 15mm Romans was originally a commission that Tony Barton completed for an archaeology museum display in Germany. The figures were used to depict the appearance and organisation of a Roman Legion around the time of Germanicus’ campaign (c.AD19) to suppress revolting Germanic tribes and recover the lost standards of the Legions destroyed in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in AD9. Tony subsequently made these finely sculpted miniatures available to the wider public and they have been very popular with wargamers recreating Roman armies for the First Century AD ever since.

The 40mm Roman figures should make an interesting diversion for those of you who enjoy painting nicely sculpted larger scale miniatures. They were part of the same commission Tony Barton undertook for the Kalkriese Museum and depict the various different levels of Roman society. There is the Emperor (at the top – obviously.) and then below him come the senatorial class, followed by the citizens, and then the whole lot supported by the vast numbers of slaves that underpinned the entire Roman economy.