Eureka preview Revolutionary Wars Austrian figures

Eureka Miniatures have posted photos of the greens for some 28mm Revolutionary Wars Austrian Chevauxleger and artillery crew figures.

From their website:

These arrived hot from the courier earlier this week – Alan Marsh’s master figures for our 28mm Austrian Chevauxleger cavalry and Austrian artillery crews for c.1792-98.

For the Chevauxlegers you will be given the choice of figures charging, ‘at rest’, or (by way of something different) some ‘at ease’ characters. There will be four variants of rank and file troopers for each category and suitable officers and trumpeters for both the charging and ‘at rest’ poses. As you can see, everything is complete except for doing the head variants for the ‘at rest’ figures (i.e. he’s the chap with no head at the moment.) The ‘at ease’ characters are designed to provide something extra for your mini-dioramas, picket line vignettes, and command bases in the form of some suitably relaxed gentlemen, swords sheathed, gazing about, filling their pipes, scratching their heads etc