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Eureka Miniatures takes over production and distribution for 20mm AB Figures WWII Miniatures

Eureka Miniatures is now solely in charge of production and distribution for the 20mm AB WII Miniatures line.


From the announcement:

As you are no doubt aware, for the past seven years Eureka Miniatures have been the sole licenced manufacturers for all AB 18mm ranges. Now, we are excited to announce that from 25th October 2013 we will also be the sole representatives for the unsurpassed 20mm AB WWII range.

These figures will now be produced exclusively by Eureka Miniatures and their approved agents, Eureka USA and Fighting15s (Europe).

We will be creating all new moulds from masters supplied directly by Tony Barton. This will ensure the highest quality for this premier WW2 range.

Of course, making the new moulds will take time. Each month we will add to the range until we are up to date. The first releases will be the US infantry for Northern Europe 1944-45. We hope to have some sets with EurekaUSA for Fall In on the 15th-17th November. Our second release will be German Infantry.

As always, we welcome any suggestions regarding in which order you, our valued customers, would like to see the rest of the range unfold.