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Eureka Miniatures new "Dark Age Sampler" minis

Eureka Miniatures has some new Dark Ages (as in the time, not in the game) minis they're testing out over on their website. The ones that get purchased a lot will see more designs for them.

From the website:

As previously announced, Alan Marsh has made "Sampler" 28mm Dark Age figures for us. Here are some pictures of them as painted by Kosta Heristanidis. More images will follow when we have chance to photograph the rest.

We have mounted and dismounted versions of the same figure as well as a variety of archers. Our intention is to monitor their sales closely, and those that are most popular will be expanded.

So far, though our shop, it looks as though we will have to make more of all of them, as all purchasers so far have bought equal numbers of all of them. Come and see us at HISTORICON and tell us which are your favourites.