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Eureka Miniatures has new Jurassic Reich German Infantry

Eureka Miniatures has some new German Infantry for their Jurassic Reich line. They'll be available for everyone soon, but those going to Historicon even sooner.

From the update:

Sculpted and painted by Kosta Hersitanidis, these 28mm figures are shown in two styles. 100PLP41 are in their historical colours and based for gaming.

With the illustrated MP40 set, Kosta has made an homage to Britains Deetail figures of the 1970's. For those who would like to follow his example, the bases to achieve this result are also for sale.

100BAS34 is a set of ten 24mm x 14mm , recessed Homage bases.

100PLP40 Gas Mask German infantry armed with MP40s (4)
100PLP41 Gas Mask German infantry armed with MP44s (4)
100BAS34 24mm x 14mm, recessed Homage base (x10)