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Eternal Glory Card Game Up On Kickstarter

"I mean, if it's a big war, somebody could get hurt." - Eric Idle from one of my favorite Monty Python episodes. And such is the case with your fight against the forces of darkness. There's a good chance you'll get hurt and you may not even come back. But it's your duty to stand up in the face of evil and defeat as many foes as possible. Such is the case in Eternal Glory, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, you and your other players are trying to be the first to make it to 100 enemy kills. Punch, kick, and use weapon attacks to get there. However, only one person will get all the glory, so sabotage your opponents by playing cards on your opponents to break their weapons or even kill them off! But don't worry, you can come back from the dead. It's only a minor setback.

The campaign is about 1/3 funded with still 20 days left to go.