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Essen Spiel Releases from Freebooter Miniatures posted

Freebooter Miniatures is showing off the greens of the minis that they'll be releasing at Essen Spiel next week, along with a tease of a new, exclusive model they'll have at the show.


From the preview:

Surprise – our new releases for SPIEL!!!

Ahoy there, friends of the freshly-emptied mug of rum

As promised, our anniversary year ends with a big bang – a new starter box for the East-Leoneran Trading Company.

With this new starter box our Mercenaries will become a playable Freebooter’s Fate crew in their own right.

The Company, as it is more or less affectionately known, may be firmly rooted in the Empire, but definitely has its own agenda. As you may have guessed, commerce is their overlord, profit their main goal. Due to a lack of own troops, they make wide and varied use of the many swords-for-hire who can be found in the seedier parts of Longfall.

The starter box includes:
Don Pavo Scaramanga, the leader of the crew. A former Imperial officer and fencing master, he has once again heeded the adventure’s clarion call after having retired from active service. East-Leoneran Trading Company crews under his command can also hire Imperial Marines and Asaltores.

Montero Guaca, Goblin explorer and historian of considerable renown. He is one of the few Goblins to enjoy full Imperial citizenship.

Eitu. Looking like a plain and simple carrier, he is in fact a real powerhorse. Without a horse’s loyalty or courage, though.

There is also a fourth, female character, which we will reveal at SPIEL.

In addition to the starter box, we also have a new limited edition miniature for you at SPIEL. She is a new variant of an already existing character. For now you have to be content with mere glimpses at some of her more, er, "precious bits".

Six nights left, then all will be revealed.

See you in Essen!