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Essen, Job Openings, And New Print Release For Mutant Chronicles From Modiphius

Modiphius has a whole bunch of stories going on at once today. They've got a couple details up about what they'll be doing at Essen. There's a couple job openings. And there's the print version of a Mutant Chronicles sourcebook now available.

Mutant Chronicles

Let's unpack all of this.

Starting with Essen, Modiphius will be in attendance. Those that will be at the show can stop by and get a demo of Siege of the Citadel, Kung Fu Panda, Airfix Battles, and the Star Trek Adventures RPG. Along with that, they'll be releasing the Hood expansion for the Thunderbirds board game.

Up next, if you're looking for a job with Modiphius in their Sales department, they're looking for a full or part time sales Rep for the UK. Not much of a salesman? That's alright, they're also looking for US and UK community assistants. If you want in on that, send your CV to

And finally, they have released their Mutants & Heretics book for Mutant Chronicles in print version. When you get the print one, you'll also get a .pdf version. It's the best of both worlds.

Mutants & Heretics webstore page