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Essen 2013 promos from Historical Games Factory

Historical Games Factory will be at Essen and will have some convention exclusives at their booth.
Note: The website is all in Polish.


From the announcement:

With Spiel 2013 coming next week, the Historical Games Factory team from Poland presents two special promo items available exclusively at this year's show.
The promo sheet for The Outcast Heroes includes two alternative special mission cards that may replace the "Free the prisoners" card, providing additional rules and different difficulty levels. Both sides represent actual prison buildings from the communist times in Poland.

The sheet for Sigismundus Augustus provides a new character, queen Bona Sforza d'Aragona. Two sides represent the ambiguous opinions on the queen circulating among historians, depicting her either as generous and helpful lady, or a treacherous poisoner.

Both promos will be available at booth 2-B130 as a free bonus added to each copy sold at Spiel.