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Esoteric Order of Gamers posts interview with Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games

The Esoteric Order of Gamers recently sat down with Jim Bailey from Grindhouse Games and chatted about Incursion.

From the interview:

Incursion is back! Grindhouse Games have resurrected this fantastic game of weird war combat between power-armoured Allied soldiers and twisted Nazi experiments in a bunker under Gibraltar, and are bringing you a second edition via Kickstarter. The campaign has already reached its $75K funding goal and is charging towards stretch goal rewards.

Some years ago I created the rules summary sheet that came in the box of first edition Incursion, and got to know Jim Bailey of Grindhouse Games, a guy who brings a much-needed hot chilli blast of rock‘n’roll enthusiasm to the boardgaming world. It’s long overdue that Incursion was brought to a wider public of gamers who love action-packed, immersive combat games with stunning miniatures. We asked Jim a few questions about the new edition and the development of his creation.