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ESLO Terrain Releases New Terrain

ESLO Terrain Releases New Terrain:

From their announcement:

Hello to all tabletop wargamers modeling fans and retail stores. Here are importent news:

Scenery (ready- to- play):
for 25 – 30 mm:
0255 canon emplacement 19,95 Euro

for 15 mm:
015074 way crossroad (4 side) 4,95 Euro
015070 european 3 side farm 79,95 Euro
015073 border post with tollgate 14,95 Euro
015072 lumberjack hovel 24,95 Euro

All new releases find you in our webshop.

You receive further information on our web page: or If you have questions, contact us or our distributors, please.

Thanks for looking!