Escenografia Epsilon to add historical range

Escenografia Epsilon will be releasing a new 15mm historical terrain range.


From their announcement:

This February Epsilon will make a new range: Historical 15mm, and the fist release will be the Spanish Hermitage. This release is perfect for Napoleonic wars in the North of Spain and for the Spanish Civil War in the North of Spain. The price will be €12 unpainted and €30 painted. This release will be available in few days but the initial price will have a reduction to the 50% the first two days. This reduction is to celebrate our 7 years producing wargames scenery.

Since today, some prices are reduced in the Epsilon calalogue. Now we produce better some of our releases and we can change the final price. The releases are reduced in price are:

  • REF: W15-01 Wood House – (before €10) – Now price €9
  • REF: F10-01 Inn – (before €12) – Now price €9
  • REF: F10-02 wooden Farm – (before €5) – Now Price €4
  • REF: F10-03 Stone Farm – (before €5) – Now price €4