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Escape the Nightmare Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I don't tend to have nightmares.
And I realize that typing that means I'll probably have one tonight, because that's how karma works.
Anyway, those that I do tend to have, after I wake up from them, I go, "wait... why the hell was I afraid of that again?" because usually what was so scary in the dream is just really dumb in real life.
Some friends I have, though, have it a lot worse. So they probably shouldn't play Escape the Nightmare, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter, lest it give them horrible nightmares.

In the game, you and the other players are in a dream realm and something is coming after you. Lord only knows what it is, but you know you don't want it to get you. The game is a trading card game where you're looking to trade off your bad dreams and get not-as terrible ones from the others. There aren't any specific turns. It's freely wheelin'-and-dealin' as you trade. As you get cards, they'll effect you in some way. Either you can't use a particular body part anymore, or you'll have to speak in rhyme, or some other dream-like malady.

There's a lot of customization in the game as well. There two play modes, six different difficulty levels, and eleven nightmare types that you can modify the game with.

The campaign is up now and is set to run for another 28 days.

Note: Some of the card images might be a little gory for work, and there is a touch of nudity on at least one. So be warned before clicking through.