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Escape Studios launches Eternity Settlers of Catan boards made from lava

Escape Studios launched a Kickstarter project in order to fund Eternity Settlers of Catan boards made out of lava.
Would it be too cheesy to say, "these boards rock!"?

From the campaign:

Handmade solid stone board forged from lava. Only 200 available in the planet and only on Kickstarter.

From fans of Catan we realized that this is not a game like everyone else, but it is now a classic. We come from Naples on the slopes of the volcano Vesuvio and we said why not create a permanent and everlasting base for the beautiful game?

So we started working with the vesuvian lava stone that we had in storage (not much today because Vesuvius is declared a National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage site). The result is in front of our eyes. A game base of 13 kg that is finely inlaid and handcrafted artisan manner.

Currently we can only produce no more than 200 because it takes a very large vesuvian lava stones to remove them, smooth and work with the chisel to unearth this which is for us a work of art. So this is a Kickstarter campaign "Limited Edition" only 200 in the world can will have the Eternity Catan Board. Sorry for this, but for now we can only produce 200 and no more. We can't promise more because the lava stone that we have wouldn't be enough.