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Erec One-Arm, Dwarf of Càrn Corm preview

Erec One-ArmMaelstrom Games have posted a preview of the Erec One-Arm, Dwarf of Càrn Corm figure that will be released a part of their Banelords fantasy miniature range. From their announcement:
We’re a day late with our Monday BaneLords update, for which we can only apologise, but the wait was worth it as we believe the last revelation of the initial six BaneLords that will be available at Salute 2011 is the best of the lot! Take a bow, Erec One-Arm, Dwarf of Càrn Corm – you are a cracking little miniature who is sure to grace many a tabletop or collection in the near future! Thanks must be given to our lovely concept artist Stefan Kopinski, as always, and the superb Mohamed Aït-Mehdi who has put sculpting tool to sculpting material to create his very first BaneLord. A veteran of many miniatures, Mohand (as he is known around the world) has worked on most of the Eden range for Taban Miniatures as well as much more for other companies. We hope to be utilising his skills again very soon, but for now enjoy his work on our Erec! Erec can be pre-ordered right now from the Maelstrom Games webstore, and you can of course grab him before his official release date of the 7th of May 2011 from our stand at Salute 2011. Which is less than two weeks away. Eeeek!