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Era: The Consortium Rulebook Primer Available

As I've mentioned (even just earlier this week), I like to know what I'm getting into before I buy a game. These days, with so many coming out, you can't possibly buy all of them. But how do you pick? well, some companies put out free rules so you can check 'em out ahead of time. Well, add Shades of Vengeance to that list, as they've released a free rules primer for Era: The Consortium.


From the announcement:

If you haven’t explored the immersive universe of Era: The Consortium, now’s your chance.

Here at Shades of Vengeance, we recently decided to release the game’s Rulebook Primer as a free download.

The game is built with an expansive sci-fi history, and you can drop your characters in any part of The Consortium’s 500-year timeline to experience whatever sci-fi sub-genre suits your fancy.

Space exploration? Post-apocalyptic dystopia? Intergalactic war? The choice is yours. You can even travel back in time to change alter the history any way you see fit.

With the release of Era: The Consortium’s Rulebook Primer as a free download, we hope every fan of science fiction RPGs has the opportunity to to try it out, regardless of their financial situation.