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Era: The Consortium Expansions Up On Kickstarter

Era: The Consortium Expansions Up On Kickstarter

Many times you’ve heard me talk about how a GM can’t have too many resources available to them when working on their game. Also, players can’t have enough material when looking to make their character exactly how they want. Well, Shades of Vengeance wants to make sure players and GMs that play Era: The Consortium have those resources. So they’re running a Kickstarter campaign to expand the game universe… with 18 expansion books. O,o

Yes, 18. If you’re like Queen and “you want it all and you want it now,” then this is the campaign for you. There’s all sorts of stuff covered in these books. Psionics, cybernetics, cargo-trading, sub-factions found all throughout the galaxy, support systems for creating your own factions… Just all sorts of stuff. They’re also looking at making a 300+ page main core rulebook for the game. It’s a lot of material that will certainly keep your gaming group busy for the foreseeable future.

The campaign is just up and over their funding goal. So it’s on to making it through the various stretch goals for the next 35 days.