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Era: Lyres Kickstarter from Shades of Vengeance Running Now

Era: Lyres Kickstarter from Shades of Vengeance Running Now

Shades of Vengeance has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Era: Lyres, their new fantasy tabletop RPGs. Though this one’s a touch different. You don’t actually go out adventuring. Instead, your characters are safe (or, hopefully they’re safe, depending on the story they tell) in the bar, talking about all the heroic things they’ve done. This is an RPG that makes the “big fish story” the center of attention. “I always like to keep my audiences riveted.” (If you know the line, give yourself 15 internets for knowing good movies)

From the campaign:

This adaptation of our Era d10 ruleset is designed to allow you to tell and scrutinise stories in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible without being misrepresentative – the perfect balance of detail and playability.

Persuasion isn’t all that counts here! Being able to talk about a fist fight requires Brawl, describing how you used an anvil and forge to craft a sword from a legendary material requires skill in Blacksmithing, and so on!

By choosing your skills carefully, your character can describe anything they might want to in a realistic way. Working as a group, the players can tell any story they want and be rewarded for it – they just have to convince the audience (played by the GM)!