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Epsilon-WS celebrates 10 years in business

Epsilon-WS has been around for 10 years now and has noticed some changes in the gaming scene. They're changing to keep up with their terrain. So go check 'em out and we'll be posting up when they hit 20 years.

From the announcement:

Epsilon was 10 years old in February. The Hobby Business changed in this time, and I must to change the Epsilon business too.
The most significant is:
The items are Pre-painted and Ready2Play. (Only some promotional items will send unpainted). The prices have an important reduction. Now we offer a little references but the catalogue grow every week. I work very hard to paint more and more pieces and discontinued some references.
Today are available:
W15-01 - Stone walls pre-painted – 8€
Obj15-01 – Objective: Radar 15mm Pre-painted – 8€
Obj15-02 – Objective: Pillbox 15mm – Pre-Painted – 8€
PROM01 – OBJ15-01 + OBJ15-02 + 2 items to decorate bases.