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Episode 7 of The Board Game Show Released

The Board Games Show has posted episode 7 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Episode 7 features an un-boxing of B-29 Superfortress. Yes, an actual un-boxing in a podcast! What could be better? Oh, right, maybe video? Game designer Abigail Elizabeth tells us about her new game, Sum Wars, now on Kickstarter. In Warfare with Jeff, we talk about the modern version of an ancient game called, "Jungle." Can you guess the game? In Cocktails with Ash, some guy named Ryan joins us, and we discuss a popular whiskey, staves, and the origins of the term "moonshine." And finally, in Painting with Mike, it's all about scrapping and mold-release agents. All this and more in Episode 7 -- Chickens in the Backyard -- of The Board Game Show! Let's begin now, shall we?