Episode 22 of the Shiny Model Syndrome posted

The Shiny Model Syndrome has posted episode 22 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Back from our break of format and classiness (classyness?) we talk some lists. We bring 4 lists to the table and try to explain why they're awesome and stuff. List theory is in full swing this week, so hope you enjoy!

Topics include:
What we've been up to
Oh, look at the shiny! News, new realeases and rumors
List Theory Discussion
-WHFB Warriors of Chaos
-WH40k Tyranids
-Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth
-WH40k Chaos Space Marines

Email us questions at smspodcast@gmail.com and we will try our damnest to not sound like idiots answering you!