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Episode 11 of Deepstrike Radio available

Episode 11 of the Deepstrike Radio podcast is now available. From their announcement:
News In a Flash (02.24) Starting off this weeks episode the boys discuss Grey Knights rage, Corax being a total boss, and Chris has a rant of his own. DSR also introduces a new host, the Foxy Grandpa himself and bids Dave a fond farewell as he goes off to traumatize poor Australian youths. Sponsor Alert DSR is brought to you by, the ultimate resource for all your bits needs. Rogal Dorn approved.
The Librarius (41.54) This week DSR attempts the tactical reach around – Trench Warfare style. The Death Korps of Krieg, masters of stoic behavior and smelly trenchcoats everywhere roll onto the scene. Linguistics, nuclear warfare and there may be mention of some off topic train. Main Topic (56.28) This episode Chris steers the boys onto a new topic – Fluff in gaming and the use of special characters for the creation of awesome lists. Fabulous Sanguinius makes an appearance or two, Chris rages at Vulkan and Dave expresses his disappoint with the Sanguinor. New Segment. (93.54) Continuing the new trend, the crew sits down to discuss a Dark Mechanicum list in the List analysis segment (Still not calling it "Tau you doin?"). Dave is not amused, and chaos ensues (literally.) The Hobby Trenches (108.28) Sliding into home plate DSR finishes out with a discussion of internet blogs – the useful, the not so useful, and the down right nasty. Don’t forget to check out our twitter feed. Thanks for listening, and don’t forget – Strike Fast, Play Hard.