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Epirian Scarecrow Added to Maelstrom's Edge Kickstarter

How about a little fire, Scarecrow!? Well, I wouldn't suggest just using the end of a broom that's on fire against this Scarecrow. The results might not be what you'd hoped for. Spiral Arm Studios, having made it to their funding goal and then some, have added the Epirian Scarecrow robot to their Kickstarter campaign.

These robots are long-range scout and security bots. They're designed to be light, fast, and able to traverse a wide range of terrain. And while they're not very heavily armed or armored, they do pack a punch in the form of Maglock Rail-rifle. So if they do come across something on their patrols, they can possibly take it out with a long-range punch. Even armored opponents aren't guaranteed to be safe behind layers of metal.

Scarecrow Sprue

The team at Spiral Arm are very proud of the sprue design they've created for this mini. They worked hard at getting as much detail as they could onto every piece while minimizing mold lines and contact points. They gave it ball joints at the hips and shoulders in order to let you pose your figures in nearly limitless ways. Want it running? Climbing? Crouching down and firing? All those poses are easily attainable with this kit.

There's still 21 days left on the clock if you want to get in on this campaign.