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Epic Nerd Camp Coming This August

Many of you have memories of your time at some sort of summer camp. While I never went away to one, we did have a 5th Grade Camp thing we went away to for a week during school. Mostly, it was a way to get the kids out of the house for a bit during summer so the parents could get some sanity time to themselves. But what if it's the parents that want to go to camp? That's where Epic Nerd Camp comes in.

About the camp:

Nestled in the hills of Pennsylvania sits a magical place where adults can let their geek flag fly this summer at Epic Nerd Camp. Choose your own adventure during this sleepaway camp for adults.

The word is out since ENC’s massive success last year. Annually held, Epic Nerd Camp is a camp/con experience that focuses on building community through social activities, learning hero skills, expressing creativity, and making lasting friendships that come from summer camp.

Each morning your adventure starts anew: Perhaps on this day, you’ll dress up as your favorite hero and learn the way of the sword and the bow from one of our instructors, then use the techniques you acquired to slay your foes during one of our boffer games. Later on in the day maybe you’ll take to horseback and explore the woodlands trails, or practice your jousting skills. After filling yourself with mead and meal, maybe you’ll set your imagination alight by playing a one-shot or mini-campaign with one of our DMs.

There’s so much to entertain at Epic Nerd Camp. You just pick what you like and you can improve your skills and/or learn new ones. Put on your creative cap, come along with us and explore the unique world of ENC.

A sampling of our activities includes:
Arts & Crafts: Learn how to make chainmaille, jewelry, stained glass, copper enamel, silkscreen, needlecrafts, cosplay construction, leather-working, and much more.
Tabletop games
Circus: Take flight on our trapeze or stay more grounded by trying juggling or the circus bike.
Boffer Games
Horseback Riding
Pioneering: Master the arts of climbing the walls, rappelling, and belaying.
Swimming & Mermaid lessons
Box Battle: Bring your cardboard armory to the field and fight until nothing remains!

Epic Nerd Camp 2017 will be taking place August 12-16th and August 16th- 20th at Island Lake Camp in Starrucca, PA in the Pocono Mountains. Come to one or both of these sessions. Tickets for one session cost $499, which includes 5 days/4 nights lodging, food, and activities. Participants must be at least 21 years old.