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Epic Character image and token generator

Epic Character Generator has a pretty self-descriptive name. Create images of your characters with this portrait-creating software.


From them to you:

This program will be an excellent tool for fantasy roleplayers, who can't draw, but would like to illustrate their player or non-player characters.

There are similar programs on the market but with much less content and in a very different style. My approach is to make a realistic character illustration application, which can be a great aid for the fans of classic role playing games.

The high resolution images are an excellent way to make the otherwise written and conversation based games visible and more realistic. If you are a writer, you can use them as illustrations for your work, or if you make games, you can make character portraits, even complete gamescenes out of it, just to mention a couple of good examples how this tool can really be used.

You don't need any artistic skills, all you need to do is simply click with your mouse, and you can make quality characters in no time