Eolith re-release zO

zOEolith Miniatures have re-released their zO “Wizard of Oz” figures.

From their announcement:
A rerelease today. After a long while of deciding the best way to deal with this I have put my 28mm zO figures back into production. These are some subjects based on my take on the Wizard of Oz. Three packs available, in stock and for immediate dispatch. Also, a first for Eolith is that these guys are in metal. Just wasn’t making economical sense to put them out in resin. The zO figures can be found in the Spyglass section of the online store.

• Scarecrow Sentinels. Pack of two for £7.00
• Dot. Single figure for £4.50
• Munchkins. Pack of three for £7.00

I’d like to mention that the lovely paintjobs are all courtesy of Ben Brownlie who kindly said I could use them in my promotions.

Oh, and there’s a little zo based prose hidden away from the site menu system. There are links from the main news item on the site and also from the Spyglass page of the Online store. Oh, and don’t complain if it’s rubbish. I’m a sculptor not a writer…