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Eolith Miniatures to close

Eolith Miniatures will be closing its doors soon. From their website:
With things as they are I have decided that Eolith Miniatures will be resting soon. I started Eolith mainly to produce resin 54mm fantasy figures, a marketplace that was emerging quite nicely a couple of years back but one that didn't really endure. The bottom has somewhat fallen out of it's marketplace and larger companies than I have stopped placing much investment in the scale. For myself I noticed that every 54mm piece I put out sold worse than the last until we meet my last release, Dracula and the kind of sales that make you want to hold your chest and pray for another breath... I've left it a while to see how the catalogue went with ongoing sales. In the last few months sales have not even been modest. Beyond selling a very small number of resin zombie packs this year Eolith has sold very little. I know there hasn't been much in the way of release but the sales were dropping dramatically way before then and it had reached a point where sculpting a figure had to be something I wanted to do for pleasure as they were never going to pay me a wage.
Check out their website for full details.