Eolith 54mm Dracula Redux available for pre-order

Dracula ReduxEolith Miniatures is now taking pre-orders for its 54mm Dracula Redux figure.

From their announcement:
My 54mm Dracula has been off sale for a while as many have noticed. The reason for this was my not being entirely happy with the sculpt. Well, I have been hard at work making changes to the sculpt (smaller head, hand, feet, new details, new base etc…) and he’s now up on pre-order and expected in stock soon. I give you 54mm Dracula Redux. I’m sure you’ll agree a big improvement.

He’s 56mm tall from feet to the top of his head and cast in resin.

Oh, and fair warning, the upcoming VAT increase (along with every other thing going up) means there will be a slight price hike in January. I’d love to call this a price adjustment but I’m pretty sure nothing will actually go down so I’d feel guilty for doing so…