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Eolith 30mm resin zombies available for pre-order

Eolith Miniatures is now accepting pre-orders for their 30mm resin Zombie miniatures. Zombies From their announcement:
I have a set of six 30mm resin zombies on pre-order just at the moment. There's a whole complicated tale of them being limited edition and other such madness. The set is £27 and, long story short, will be limited to a maximum of 100 sets. For long story told long and all the gory details check out the front page of the Eolith site. Figures are around 31mm to the tops of their heads in realistic proportions so on the smaller end of the scale for... err... scale. There's a little girl zombie and she's around 18mm tall but then she'd look silly if she was the same height as the others... So, in resin and very nicely cast. They'll enjoy eating the flesh/brains of your other gaming figures (so I'm told) or just chilling while you slap paint in their general direction.