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Entropic Gaming System Sci-Fi Companion Supplement Released

Mystical Throne Entertainment has released their Entropic Heroes sci-fi supplement for their Entropic Gaming System. Filled with new gear, character choices (including pre-made species as well as rules for making your own), and missions, the book is useful for both players and GMs to create a truly unique game setting.


From the announcement:

Mystical Throne Entertainment has released Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction, a sci-fi companion book to the Entropic Gaming System core rulebook.

The first genre-focused core supplement for the Entropic Gaming System comes in the form of the Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction book with a wealth of material for players and GMs alike. Continuing with the character-focused content of EGS, this companion book provides new options for creating sci-fi characters and running sci-fi action and adventure games that shine the spotlight on character conflict.

Players benefit from Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction with sci-fi Backgrounds (xeno species), high technology equipment, technology-driven Talents (science as magic), and toolkits to create custom player character species. GMs benefit from the extensive guidance on creating sci-fi settings and missions across many subgenres, toolkits to build settings and missions, and sample missions. Both will benefit from the guidance on creating different sci-fi themes that can be mixed and matched to create a truly unique sci-fi experience.

Entropic Heroes: Science Fiction is the first genre book for EGS. Additional companion books will include Fantasy and Horror, all providing new options to add to your Entropic Gaming System settings, adventures, and campaigns!