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Entries in Serious Board Game Award Competition Due January 15th

Many of us want to be game designers. I know I wish I had a game or two out there on the market. Just about every gamer has at least one game they're thinking about. Well, if you think yours is good enough, you could send it in to the Serious Board Game Awards and see if yours wins. Does your game teach others somehow? Then your game is possibly in the running. And since games don't just appear overnight, they wanted to let you know that the deadline of January 15th is coming up.

About the competition:

Entries in Serious Board Game Award Competition Due Jan 15

Entries in the 2018 International Serious Play Awards for tabletop board and card games used in education or training are due January 15, 2018.

Any game launched after May 2017 is eligible. Award categories include: Pre-K, K-6 and K7-12 education; higher education; healthcare; corporate; museums; and military/government. The game must be playable independent of the designer.

Entrants will be asked to send six copies of their game to judges.