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English unarmoured pikemen greens

The Assault Group have posted a set of photos of the greens for English unarmoured pikemen. English Pikemen standing From their announcement:
The Assault Group aren't making an English Civil War range... But, occasionally we do make the odd pack of English miniatures for the 17th Century range, and in that context I delight to show you these ‘English’ pikemen for the period 1610 – 1650. They are completely unarmoured, except for helmets, which on the continent of Europe was almost complete unheard off, and are posed with their pikes up-right. To and extent we get hung up on the nationally differences of our miniatures in this period, this is not the Napoleonic period where each nation is represented in distinct uniforms, but a time when soldiers wore civilian dress onto the battle field and as such these Englishmen would be equal suitable as rear ranks of more heavily armour European pike blocks, or as poorly equipped European troops such as Saxons.