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Enduring Freedom pre-order offer

Force on Force Enduring Freedom coverAmbush Alley Games have a special offer for the first customers to pre-order their Force on Force Enduring Freedom supplement. From their announcement:
This latest expansion for Force on Force provides players with everything they need to recreate battles from the mountains to the Green Zones of modern Afghanistan. Beginning with a detailed background section, the book presents extensive orders of battle for Coalition forces and guidelines for fielding Taliban and al Qaeda forces. Also included are 20 new scenarios, Afghanistan specific Fog of War cards, and new vehicle descriptions. Enduring Freedom is an indispensable source-book for gaming complex and intense engagements in Afghanistan on the tabletop using Force on Force or other modern combat rules. The first 100 people who pre-order Enduring Freedom will receive a free 20mm Elhiem Coalition sniper figure sculpted exclusively for this release.