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Endless Vigil Sourcebook Now Available For Star Wars RPG

On a planet controlled by the Empire, many civil matters go by not taken care of. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, everyone involved just gets hauled in to jail. Or there's the crime-run worlds. What sort of justice can one honestly expect there? Well, there are those that feel the call to help those who can't help themselves in the mean streets all across the galaxy. They are the Sentinels, and they've got their own sourcebook for the Star Wars RPG, and it's available now.

This book has lots of material for both players and GMs to use in their games. For players, there's three new specializations for the Sentinel class. There's also three new playable species that you can make your character. Also, there's new rules for crafting your own lightsaber. For the GMs, there's rules for how to bring your game to an urban setting. This includes things like how to create contact networks in your game.

As I mentioned, you can pick up your copy now.