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Endless Fantasy Tactics reaches funding goal, announces update to project on Kickstarter

Endless Fantasy Tactics reached their funding goal over on Kickstarter with still 25 days to go. That means it's onwards and upwards to stretch goals.

We've hit $15k, the initial funding goal for the Kickstarter and are now on our way to the first stretch goal at $20k. Based on feedback from you and backers like you, we've decided to adjust the stretch goals so that you get more models quicker and move production of a hardback copy of the rulebook to later.

At $20,000 we'll unlock the Water and Earth Crystal Chests, and add an additional Adept to Fire.
At $25,000 we'll add a Squire to Fire, a Gel Wizard to Water, and a Beastmen Laborer to Earth.
At $30,000 we'll unlock the Miasma and Void Chests
At $40,000 we'll add a Dark Knight to Miasma, a Rune Fencer to Water, a Rhapsodist to Air, and a Gunsmith to Void.
At $50,000 we'll add a Fire Troll to Fire, a Crusader to Water, a Berserker to Miasma, a Beastmen Engineer to Earth, and two Bandits to Void.

$55k->$75k will be a variety of 'Named Heroes' added to Thief Level, Dragoon Level, and Cleric Level.

At $80,000 we'll add the Summoner to Air.
At $100k we'll do the Rulebook, Item Bag mini, and Enhance the Item Deck.

How does this sound to you?