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Endless Fantasy Tactics Preview Meet the Monsters – Part 3 from On the Lamb Games

It's 2pm. Do you know where your Endless Fantasy Tactics preview is? It's right here, of course.
On the Lamb Games continues the previews of Endless Fantasy Tactics with another look at the population of the world.

As the Earth Trolls moved mountains and sculpted caves, they found they needed a creature to inhabit these places. Stocky and heavily bearded, the Dwarves were left to their own devices once the Earth Trolls moved on to building other features of Terra. Before they could learn magic from their creators, the Dwarves were abandoned. They would eventually develop Runes, funneling magic into symbols of power, as an alternative to normal magic.

The Dwarves built great underground transportation systems, utilizing runic machines to connect their residences across Wugin. During their expansion, the Dwarves came into contact with the Arganeans, and their initial interactions were not favorable. Their mutual distrust and plans to expand into the same territories instantly set the two nations against each other. The Dwarves reinforced their cities with traps and runic barriers, making invasion nearly impossible for the Elves. Using their runes to create sentient weapons, the Dwarves armed the first human Rune Fencers to fight the Arganeans and their magitechnology.

Relations between Dwarves and humans continued into the Age of Mages, as mage circles required soldiers to defend them while they cast their spells. Rune Fencers became common in these roles, and rune weapons were sought after by the rich and powerful. Rune weapons have become incredibly rare after the Crystal Fall with the largest Dwarf city, Mechinrah, becoming sealed away from the surface and underground tunnel network. At Deepgate, the unlucky dwarves caught on the outside set up a massive mining operation to dig up the Iron Crystal and open a passage back into Mechinrah.