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Endless: Fantasy Tactics Gaiden Series Launches on Kickstarter

On the Lamb Games has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Gaiden Series, their new expansion for Endless: Fantasy Tactics. The main focus of Gaiden Series is to expand the number of scenarios available for Endless: Fantasy Tactics. There have been two "pay what you want" series of scenarios released online by On The Lamb Games, but they want to bring those to a print format for you. Also, they have two more scenario series that they'd like to make. There are also variant profile cards for numerous miniatures that have already been released, increasing the re-playability of those units and expanding into further options for team builds. There's also a quartet of new minis they're looking to get sculpted. They're ones people have been clamoring after for a while.

The four figures are the Dark and Light dragons, the Kirin, and the Behemoth. Artwork for these figures was done by Heath "BA" Foley and Noa Page.

For those that don't know, Endless: Fantasy Tactics brings the old-timey feel of JRPG games to the tabletop. The game is designed to be very flexible for what you want to play, not limiting you in what figures you bring to the table (other than the unit costs, of course). Similarly, the Kickstarter campaign is designed to be flexible, where backer levels are for "Fals" and those Fals represent various miniature levels they can purchase with those Fals. I.E. - you only get what you want, and nothing you don't.

The campaign is set to run for another 29 days. And if you're coming to the CMON Expo, you can party with the On the Lamb people as the campaign comes to an end.