Endgame: Day Zero, a new Sci-Fi RPG on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Jan 6th, 2013

Endgame: Day Zero from Caffeinated Chaos Studios is a new sci-fi RPG world up on Kickstarter looking for funding.

From the campaign:

Endgame: Day Zero is a Post apocalyptic gamers dream. Set in the near future Endgame: Day Zero will utilize a multitude of realistic weapon systems and near future weapons, vehicles, drones and technology. Beyond this you can create many custom items and structures in a realistic way. You may also scale the game from a “Mad Max” setting to heavy military setting along with simple to follow rules and a dice system to suit your game style ( Simple or Complex ) to simulate realism or fast game play.
We are looking to fill a role that Doomsday Preppers, Military types and Hardcore role players may enjoy. We are looking to expand the game well past the core rule book but that depends on our backers interest level and pledges. We are looking forward to producing and amazing new game for our fans!
Our Kickstarter project was freshly started on January the 3rd and will extend to the 28th. So please stop in and check out our cheesy concept video ( make sure you stay for the end of the video) and read over our Kickstarter page!

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  • phoenixman

    what is it with everything seeming to be going on kickstarter these days?

    you dont pledge money to Ford when they say they are designing a new car, and then get a different gear knob if you pledge a few dollars / pounds.

    • Soulfinger

      But I’d sure as hell consider pledging for an innovative car designed by a start-up company looking to compete with Ford or to see the Tata Nano introduced to the American market. I don’t do it, only because it hasn’t been offered yet. I would love to see crowd-funding make the next Tucker Sedan a success.

      • shiny

        Exactly this.

        When the market is driven by offering the public what they want and how they want it, how can that be a bad thing? It allows a form of natural selection to occur, and gives the potential manufacturer a clear idea as to how well received their product is likely to be, in addition to raising the startup money to see the product become a reality.

  • SloaneHucker

    Right Phoenixman, but then Ford had to impress a variety of investors to have his project funded he did that by having help from a partner and building a car. He also had Thomas Edison backing him.

    So if I had the late Gary Gygax in my corner I’m sure the funds would be flying into my pocket.

    But kickstarter is allot like the investors and my idea well that’s like the car he had to show off. The problem is that Henry Ford never had to shoot a video and squeeze all the ideas out of his head and try to explain them so that everyone loved his idea.

    Unlike many other people on Kickstarter that are well established with two or three books under their belt I’m new here and do not have the funds I need to make this baby fly. I hope that I will in 21 days and you guys get a cool new game to play.

    • Soulfinger

      Ouch. I get kind of anxious about buying a book from someone who doesn’t use good grammar in their everyday correspondence. Best of luck with the KS, but that is perhaps something to keep in mind when representing your game in the future.

  • SloaneHucker

    Thats a great idea! Grammar Nazi character class. Thanks for the idea Soulfinger.