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Endgame: Day Zero, a new Sci-Fi RPG on Kickstarter

Endgame: Day Zero from Caffeinated Chaos Studios is a new sci-fi RPG world up on Kickstarter looking for funding.

From the campaign:

Endgame: Day Zero is a Post apocalyptic gamers dream. Set in the near future Endgame: Day Zero will utilize a multitude of realistic weapon systems and near future weapons, vehicles, drones and technology. Beyond this you can create many custom items and structures in a realistic way. You may also scale the game from a "Mad Max" setting to heavy military setting along with simple to follow rules and a dice system to suit your game style ( Simple or Complex ) to simulate realism or fast game play.
We are looking to fill a role that Doomsday Preppers, Military types and Hardcore role players may enjoy. We are looking to expand the game well past the core rule book but that depends on our backers interest level and pledges. We are looking forward to producing and amazing new game for our fans!
Our Kickstarter project was freshly started on January the 3rd and will extend to the 28th. So please stop in and check out our cheesy concept video ( make sure you stay for the end of the video) and read over our Kickstarter page!