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Encountermaps, new RPG and Minis terrain mats, now on Kickstarter

Encountermaps is a new terrain map making company that's looking to get funded over on Kickstarter. Go check 'em out.

From the campaign: has launched a Kickstarter project to create four new, poster-sized battle maps for the role-playing and miniature game community. Each map is a massive 24x30 inches (61x76.2 cm) in size, printed in full color and laminated for wet/dry erase markers.

Jared Blando, noted fantasy cartographer and artist is creating the maps. Each of the four maps has a different theme, from a sunken necropolis and a flying city to a fortress built in an ancient tree and a sinister labyrinth. All maps are designed and printed in the United States.


About LLC was founded in 2012 by Stuart Greenwell and Trent Colwell out of frustration with the low quality maps available for tabletop gaming. is dedicated to creating durable, art-quality maps at affordable prices for the role-playing and miniature gaming community.