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Encampment Tile Set and Mulfin Set Available For B-Sieged

The forces of the Abyss are coming. You've got to keep the city safe. It's only you and your fellow heroes that stand in the way. Keep resources up, defend the walls, and send out your messenger to get a mystical relic that will turn the tide. That's the story behind B-Sieged, and today there's a couple new accessory pieces available.

The Encampment Tile Set can be used with either the base game or the Darkness & Fury Expansion. It comes with new encampment tiles (as one would expect) and new rules to go with them. Spawning Markers are the name of the game, as they can end up bringing monsters into Zone 2 when they're created, making things a bit tougher. And what sort of things can you be spawning? How about a whole bunch of Mulfins? This set gets you 36 sculpted Mulfins to replace the tokens that come in the Darkness & Fury set.