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Emuse Studio Indiegogo campaign to go to Crystal Brush Chicago gets funded

Enrique Velasco wants to get to the Crystal Brush Challenge in Chicago and only you are able to help get him there. Or that is to say, you are the ones who are going to be able for him to make it there, as his project has funded.
I thought this was pretty interesting, hence it's here.

From the campaign:

The Crystal Brush Awards are a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is professionally involved in the world of miniature painting. Unfortunately, the trip to Chicago from Spain carries an economic effort hardly acceptable for me. Air tickets and stay cost came close to $1300.

For this reason I am asking for your help to support me and my adventure in this year´s Awards, and why not, try to win any of the grand prizes kindly provided by CoolMiniOrNot and the Crystal Brush sponsors.

In return, I offer you the opportunity to get some rewards that I am sure will be very interesting, most of them focus on learning about miniature painting.

I can´t yet reveal nothing about my two projects in competition, but I can say something: Will be awesome!!. One will be a diorama based in the zombie world with several 70 Mm. figures, and the other will have two 90 Mm. Orc figures, based on the Warhammer 40k. universe.