Empress release new Zulu War cavalry

Empress Miniatures have released new Zulu War British Auxiliary Cavalry.


From their website:

We have now released the last of our auxiliary cavalry packs representing those units that were present at Isandlwana.

We planned to cover these units in relatively small numbers because the historic units were small in the campaign. The figures released so far give the gamer twelve troopers plus a command figure which is fairly standard to many of the Colonial rules currently available. We will now look at horse holders for these units.

In the area of cavalry next in line will be Imperial Mounted Infantry, Natal Mounted Contingent and Boers. Not necessarily in that order. Looking ahead we will focus on other Auxiliary cavalry and then the regular cavalry, the Lancers and Dragoons.

Remember that we will be at Salute on stand TA26, with all of our new releases including brand new items for the Anglo-Zulu War and Spanish Civil War ranges.