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Empress Miniatures now distributing Modern Combat minis game

Empress Miniatures is the new sole English distributor of Operation Squad Modern War.

From the copy:

We are very proud to announce that Empress Miniatures is the sole English Language distributor of the excellent new modern war wargames rules from the acclaimed Torriani Massimo team (writers of the original Operation Squad World War Two game).

These 47 page rules are beautifully presented in full colour and include templates and all counters required to play. They are designed to be quick to learn yet full of well researched detail. They are the perfect compliment to our Modern War figures. Although primarily designed for 28mm figures, the rules will work equally well with other scales (20 and 15mm for example).

Operation Squad Modern War contains army lists for American Infantry, US Special Forces, British Infantry, British Special Forces, Italian (including Bersagliari and Marine units), Iraqi Army (including Republican Guard) and Afghan Rebels.

We are very impressed with these rules and proud that Empress Miniatures figures are featured throughout. We are the sole distributors for these rules and we encourage retailers to contact us if you are interested in stocking these (along with the rest of the Empress ranges of course).

Remember that we will be at Salute! this year, on stand TA29. Why not stop by and take a look at the new rules? We will have new releases across many of our ranges, and also hope to have some stock of the latest Imprint Models 'Technical' variations with .50cal and Recoiless Rifle!

Pre-orders are encouraged as popular items tend to run out quickly on the day. Email us for details.